Joyful music for babies and toddlers in Bedminster


Sign up for Esther’s Rhymetime

I’m glad you found me and my guitar. Come along to Rhymetime and let me introduce you to a host of wonderful songs, which will get you and your families singing and moving together. To find out what I sound like, have a listen to me on Spotify.

I am running sessions in person and following all the government guidance and have adapted the groups so that we can have fun and stay safe.

Before you sign up you need to know that there are certain measures we need to take to keep us safe.


In-person sessions are currently at Bedminster Methodist Church. We have moved into the main body of the church, as the hall is currently being used as a vaccination centre.

Mondays 9.15am toddlers (will be merged with 10am group from 21 June if guidelines allow)
Mondays 10am toddlers
Mondays 10.45am babies
Thursdays 10am toddlers
Thursdays 10.45am babies

The next term dates are 7 June to 15 July … keep reading the terms and conditions first and the link to sign up is at the bottom of the page.

Pay in advance

I am asking everyone to pay for a term at a time at a cost of £30 or £25 (£5 a session).  This secures your place in a small session (around ten families per group). Read more about how this might suit some of you better.


Adults will have to wear face-coverings (unless exempt) as we are in a Community building. I will be wearing one of those very cool visors! Please wear your own face covering but if you do forget, I might be able to give you a disposable one. What do our children make of us wearing masks in Rhymetime?

Windows open

The windows will be open throughout the session. The radiators will be on, but dress appropriately.

Socially distance: one adult, one child 

The Council have been very clear that the children will still have to socially distance, just as the adults do. I realise how tricky this can be, but it is very important to stay 2m away from other households. Please do not sign up for the sessions if your child will not be able to stay with you, and away from other children/adults for the half hour of Rhymetime.

For this reason, I suggest that you only bring one child unless you also have a non-mobile baby. Obviously you can’t guarantee that your little one won’t run around, but if they do, I’ll expect you to swoop them up and encourage them to sit with you. If they can’t do this, then you can play in the church garden instead, but you won’t be able to stay in the room. What will this be like?

In some circumstances (e.g. twins), you can bring another adult from your household with you but you do need to check with me in advance. There is a legal limit of 15 adults in the group (excluding me).

Track and Trace

When you pay, you will need to provide me with your name and phone number. It would be helpful for me if you also let me know your children’s names and ages but this is not for track and trace purposes. I will keep this data for 21 days after the last session and will also use your number to text you if I have to cancel any sessions due to illness.

Clean hands

There will be hand sanitiser available for you to use as soon as you enter the hall.  


To avoid overcrowding, there can only be one family in the toilets at a time.  


I will be singing loud and clear and strumming my guitar, and I hope the under-5s will join in. The most recent guidance states that five adults can sing along with me, whilst wearing masks, and we agree who these lucky five will be at the beginning of the session. I know you are all bursting to sing our loud and clear but the loud, rousing choruses will have to wait just a few more months.   

Feel ill? Stay at home.

If you or your child start to feel unwell during the session, please leave the hall and look after yourself at home.  Contact me if you are self-isolating and I will provide you with a code to access online resources.

Raring to go?

When booking opens, you will be able to sign up over at my online shop.

Thank you! And see you soon.