Sing, move and make friends at Esther’s Rhymetime.

Sing with your toddler


In these extraordinary times we need music and song to connect, have fun and divert ourselves from all the news. So Rhymetime has not stopped. It has merely moved onto the internet. During term time I am doing  live streams of Rhymetime on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll be taking a break from that for the summer but am setting up a Patreon page so you can access a library of tunes and songs.

In times gone by, Esther’s Rhymetime was a group where children and carers gather round to sing with the guitar in a good old-fashioned singalong, full of energy and enthusiasm.

We sing new songs and old favourites, using simple actions. We also learn finger rhymes and play peekaboo games. Some sessions are more active, with plenty of jumping, marching, running and wriggling. There are times to be quiet too, and lie on the floor, cuddle up and play finger rhymes.

And for the Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other adults who care for children in the day, there’s also Adults Singing in Harmony. With our children playing, listening, snacking or sleeping we sing songs in harmony, learn rounds and enjoy making music together. No experience necessary, just enthusiasm! This is not running at the moment, but get in touch if you’d like to join us in the future.

Lots of actions at RhymetimeSing at home with Rhymetime

If you can’t make the livestream sessions, you could have a sing in the car or at home with one of my CDs. My 2012 Daily Rhymetime blog also has a wealth of songs for you to access at anytime, for no cost at all. My music is also on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

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