Joyful music for babies and toddlers in Bedminster


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I’m glad you found me and my guitar. Come along to Rhymetime and let me introduce you to a host of wonderful songs, which will get you and your families singing and moving together. To find out what I sound like, have a listen to me on Spotify.

Term starts in September

Sessions are currently at Bedminster Methodist Church, in the main body of the church.

Pre-booking required!
Mondays 10am toddlers
Mondays 10.45am babies
Thursdays 10am toddlers
Thursdays 10.45am babies

The next term starts in September and you must book your place.

I am still asking everyone to pay for a term at a time, which secures your place in a small session (twelve families per group). I intend to move back to a drop-in session, but don’t feel this is quite the right time to do it. Thanks for sticking with me as we ease into another new way of doing things.

Singing for all (with masks)

It is now your choice to wear a mask or not. As the group leader, I will not be wearing one during the singing, but I would encourage all adults to do so if possible. Singing is considered to be slightly more risky than other activities, and I also want everyone to have to opportunity to do so. Wearing a mask is one of the ways we can reduce the risk to other parents and to the children in our care.

Bring siblings – no extra cost!

There is no extra charge to bring twins, siblings, grandparents or anyone else in your family.

Run free…..

You won’t be confined to your mats any more, and in the toddler session we will use the parachute once again. Of course, your children remain your responsibility and I would expect everyone to be sensitive to the feelings of other participants. Give people space when they need it, but I will not be asking you to stay on your mat for the whole of the session.

Windows open

The windows will be open throughout the session. The radiators will be on, but dress appropriately.

Track and Trace

When you pay, you will need to provide me with your name and phone number. I will keep this information in order to contact you about the sessions, and also in case it is needed by Test and Trace.

Clean hands

There will be hand sanitiser available for you to use as soon as you enter the hall.  

Raring to go?

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Thank you! And see you soon.