Live music for babies and toddlers

What to expect: songs that get you moving and singing

Rhymetime sessions are for under 5s and you are very welcome to bring babies – though I recommend waiting until they are about 6 months old. We’ll all sit together in a big circle, making space for late-comers, and moving as the children need us to. Not everyone can sit still when they’re under 5, so although we encourage people to sit with their adults, there will be some who roam around and join in as they go.

We will sing and dance, to use that wonderful toddler energy and connect with the littler ones. You’ll learn new finger rhymes and action songs, with the older ones offering their ideas for some songs. I keep a fast pace and pack in lots of songs and actions and if there aren’t too many of us, we’ll get out the parachute out too.

Babies love hearing and moving the music – group singing has a special quality – and gain so much from watching all the others interacting.  If you learn new songs that entertain the adults in the family as well as your little ones, I will be very happy!

Each Rhymetime session lasts 30 minutes, and is drop-in.

For a flavour of my music, search for me on Spotify or other music streaming services: try asking your Alexa to “play Esther Steward”.