Live music for babies and toddlers

Socially distancing? My toddler?!

Do you wonder how you can help our toddlers to keep their distance? Will your child will cope with not mingling as they did before? In Covid-secure sessions we won’t be using the parachute and licking each other’s faces will no longer be acceptable*.

I know that some will find this challenging, but the environment will help. There will be a small heart-shaped mat for each family to sit on and around, providing you with your little patch of the hall. This will be your base. We’ll all be sitting in a new formation so it will feel familiar, but definitely different to the way it was back in March 2020. Do you remember those days? It feels like a very long time ago.

The smaller size of the group will mean it’s quieter and calmer. I have a few new songs (teaser: they are about toast, a man named Joe and involve silly movements) and I will work my socks off to entertain and engage the children so their focus is on me, rather than each other.

We won’t just be sitting either — toddlers will get up and march on the spot, jump and wriggle. They will use their active bodies, and the space of the hall will help our toddlers to keep their distance. Remember, there’s a huge garden behind the church that you can go and run in at any time if your child needs to express their energy!

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*If this is your first session with me, rest assured that this is just a joke in rather poor taste. No faces are licked at my Rhymetime.