Live music for babies and toddlers

Pay now, sing later!

A dad sitting on the floor with his baby on his lap

In the seventeen years that I have been running Rhymetime, I have had a very informal payment system. You turn up on the day and put your money in the pot (though I’ve moved to contactless in recent years). Simple. No commitment necessary.

Book your place

This has had to change, and I am asking everyone to prebook. This limits the number of families in the room and I can be sure that I can cover the cost of hiring the hall. I’ve been wondering whether making that commitment up front will actually change your experience of the group. Well, there may be days when everything feels tricky and you don’t think that you’ll be able to get out of the house. If you’ve paid up front, perhaps it will give you that little push you need to make it to the session. We all know that singing can transform your mood and brighten your day when it starts badly.

What if I’m ill? Or my baby is unwell?

Of course, you might feel ill and have to self-isolate. You will still be able to get your Rhymetime fix. Give me a shout and I will provide you with a code to access the live stream at any time.

But isn’t Rhymetime known for huge groups?

True! In the past it wasn’t unusual to have over twenty families attend a session and I think 41 is my record. We’d have to meet in a stadium to accommodate that number with social distancing rules but a group that size can be brilliant fun and have a great energy to it.

What now?

This term there will only ever be a maximum of ten families in the room. With a small number of families who come regularly we can create a calm and responsive environment. There will be lots of space, which will encourage us to focus on our children and on listening to live music. I know that the number of people in the large sessions can feel overwhelming to some, and there are children who will thrive on knowing that the group is small. All in all, this will be a huge bonus for the introverts in our families!

No more squash and a squeeze

You know, there are advantages for those of us who struggle to make it out of the door in the morning as we tackle nappy crises and deal with the constant search for snacks and socks. Now you won’t need to worry about finding a space in the circle and squeezing into the group if you are running late. We’ll be expecting you and our masked faces will soon become familiar to each other. I will be able to include every suggestion for Bubblegum or Slice, Slice and no-one will have to push and shout for attention. I expect that the smaller Rhymetimes will feel much more intimate and calm.

Want to find out if I’m right? If you would like your name to be added to the waiting list for the toddler sessions, or to sign-up for the baby sessions, hop on over and sign up.

Tomorrow, I’ll be thinking about how wearing face-coverings might actually help us communicate.