Toddler Music Sessions: for songs that get you moving and singing

In this toddler group we sit in a circle together.Online for now

Come online to enjoy Rhymetime toddler music sessions during lockdown. In ‘normal’ times we sing and dance in Bedminster Methodist Church hall, South Bristol but for now we meet virtually. Toddlers love to move and use their bodies, and singing and dancing is an excellent way to use that wonderful energy during lockdown.

Should I attend the toddler or baby session?

Come along to Rhymetime’s toddler music sessions if your child walks confidently and likes to jump, dance and sing. We do finger rhymes and action songs and I ask the children to offer their ideas for some songs. If your toddler likes quieter environments, then come to Baby Rhymetime, whatever their age. I know that toddlers have a relatively short attention span, so I keep up a fast pace and pack in lots of songs and actions. Every Rhymetime session lasts 30 minutes, unless I get carried away!

How can I join in the fun?

Book a place on Zoom or join in with a live stream. You can listen to recordings of the live streams for a week after they’re broadcast so you don’t have to be free for the exact time. One more place you could see me in action is on Patreon where you can watch dozens of videos.