Brooklyn or Southville?

Brooklyn children's ear candyThere’s a well-off bohemian neighbourhood of Brooklyn called Park Slope, which fizzles with child-friendly cafes, children’s cultural activities and musicians. I imagine it’s not so different to Southville.

The album I am recommending this month is Park Slope Parents. The Album. Vol 1. It was a 2007 fundraiser for and if I hadn’t been sent this by a friend living in New York I doubt I’d have ever chanced upon it. It’s written by several Brooklyn-based musicians and comprises mostly songs about living in New York but the breadth of styles and quirkiness of many of the lyrics makes it a splendid album.

Folk, Rock and Roll, Country and pop, it’s all there. The only thing that disappoints me is that there was never a Volume 2.

To be listened to in Brooklyn, Bedminster or Birmingham!

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