Singing for Home Educating families

Home Educating families meet once a month to sing for an hour with me at Bedminster Methodist Church (in the main church, rather than the hall). We have a lot of fun playing silly singing games, learning folk tunes from around the world and generally making a rousing sound. If you want to, you can also learn harmonies to the songs we sing together.

Up-coming Sessions

This year, some of us are going to take part in Bristol Plays Music schools event at the Colston Hall. We’ll be singing with hundreds of other children on Tuesday 5th June, 1.15pm-2.45pm.

Thursday 24 May, 12.30pm (includes preparation for Bristol Plays Music event)

Thursday 21 June, 12.30pm

Thursday 19 July, 12.30pm

They will cost just £15 per family for the three sessions, payable in advance.

Next term’s dates will be:

Thursday 20th September

Thursday 18th October

Thursday 15th November

Thursday 13th December

Here are directions and parking info.

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What people say about Singing for Home Educating families:

Jon says: I took a day off to go with the kids. It was great fun! Everyone was clearly having a wonderful time. The kids rave about the class and so do the adults. Esther is a great leader, fine musician and can really sing. She made us all sound so good!