Bedminster Methodist Church

On Mondays and Wednesday mornings ……..Rhymetime is in Bedminster Methodist Church, British Rd (by Clyde Terrace), Bedminster, BS3 3BW. The hall is down the side of the church, behind a blue door. If you time it right, you’ll hear us singing as you get nearer!


There are a few parking spaces in front of the church, and a free car park on Diamond Street, marked on the map below.

Mondays – 10 am for toddlers, 10.45am for babies, 9.30am for adults’ Singing in Harmony (you may bring your child if you want!)

Wednesdays – 9.30 am for all ages, and 10.15am for Musicmakers .

One Thursday of the month- 12.30pm Singing for Home Educating Families